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With the KICKR 5.0 home trainer the ultimate Wahoo Smart Trainer experience is now even more realistic!
Because the 2020 version adds the KICKR AXIS feet to the successful stationary KICKR smart trainer concept. These adjustable and cushioned feet allow for a lateral movement of the trainer of up to 5°. So that the KICKR V5 can react to the rider’s movements when changing speed or position and also simulate the lateral movements of a bike on the street.
A further development to the popular predecessor is the roller trainer’s automatic calibration. While making these adjustments, Wahoo was also able to improve the power measurement accuracy to +/- 1%.

Beyond that, the KICKR V5 continues to impress with its massive flywheel design, so you can experience the ultimate riding feel with a virtually silent operation. The indoor trainer’s large flywheel uses various algorithms to improve the response and to optimally reproduce the simulated riding feel. Enjoy an authentic indoor training experience with your sweaty tours on the home trainer, combined with intelligent supplements from the Wahoo Trainer line of accessories that provide the perfect training environment. The KICKR CLIMB (product code: 2268038) imitates gradients and inclines based on the virtual course, while the KICKR HEADWIND (product code: 2279001) simulates the speed-dependant headwind, providing welcome cooling for high-intensity workouts.
Forget the weather – move your winter training inside and get on that bike. With the stationary Wahoo KICKR V5 bike trainer you can enjoy a realistic ride feel, so your sweat-inducing tours turn into real indoor training experiences.

The high-end appearance of the Direkt Drive home trainer is confirmed through the solid construction and excellent workmanship, going down to the smallest detail. The wide, height-adjustable support legs provide a secure feeling, even without a front wheel block, and the new AXIS feet ensure an even more realistic ride feeling.
When placed on a suitable matching training mat (such as product code: 2303591), the floor is protected from scratches and sweat. In contrast to a roller trainer, the KICKR transfers your power to an already fitted 11-speed cassette, so that you can ride as silently as in real life. Just take out the rear wheel of your racer and replace it with the stable Wahoo KICKR V5. The KICKR V5 is compatible with a 12 mm thru axle length of up to 148 mm and quick-release skewer up to 135 mm; compatible axle adapters are included. Just plug in the power adapter and hunt those kilometres.

Inside the smooth-running flywheel, a reliable electromagnetic brake carries out its duties and simulates resistances of up to 2200 watts and climbs of up to 20 percent. At the same time, speed, distance, power and cadence are measured – and at a pleasantly low noise level. A wide range of apps turns the KICKR V5 into a communicative training computer and a virtual training machine with fun factor. The Bluetooth and ANT+ technology ensures excellent connectivity, so that pairing external devices, like smartphones, tablets, heart rate sensors such as the TICKR X 2 (product code: 2300987)) that are compatible with appropriate iOS, Android or desktop apps, is done with just a flick of the wrist. ANT+ and Bluetooth capabilities allow for a simultaneously or separate connection to smartphones and bike computers. The standard ANT+ FE-C ensures that the parameters of the KICKR V5 can be controlled from any FE-C activated device or other apps. For system devices without Bluetooth or integrated ANT+ radio technology, the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ Dongle (prod. code 2268039) creates the connection.

The stationary bike trainer from Wahoo is compatible with many different training apps. As an alternative to the Wahoo and partner applications, feel free to download your favourite training program for an optimal workout that meets your individual fitness requirements. Wahoo Fitness, Trainer Road, Swift, Komoot, Strava or Cycling GPS are just a few options.

• Realistic ride feel: The improved magnet-controlled flywheel technology with electronic brake simulates the power and inertia experienced during outdoor riding. It provides the most realistic ride feel especially when using virtual riding/training platforms like Zwift and Trainer Road. The KICKR AXIS feet allow the trainer to follow the natural movements of the bike and rider. Almost like on the road!
The AXIS feet can be adjusted to both your body weight as well as personal preferences using three different rubber buffers. The medium buffer is pre-installed; the hard and soft ones are in the box.
• Measures speed, distance and power (watts) and cadence
• High power and precision up to 2200 watts, accurate to +/- 1%
• Interactive resistance is automatically controlled through connected devices using Wahoo software or compatible apps like Strava, Trainer Road, Zwift
• Compatible with many third-party power meters (as an alternative method of measuring performance)
• Simultaneous or individual connection to smartphones, bike computers with ANT+ and Bluetooth
• ANT+ FE-C allows the KICKR BIKE to be controlled from any FE-C enabled device or application
• Super stability: torsionally stiff, high-strength steel construction with foldable, solid feet that can handle heavy loads
• Thru axle compatibility: suitable for 12 x 142 and 12 x 148 thru axles, as well as 130/135 mm quick release skewers Adapters for conversion to different hub widths are included.
• Can be height-adjusted to common wheel sizes between 24” and 29”
• Optimised bike mount (also for bikes with flat mount and disc brake)
• LED display indicates power and connectivity status
• As a bonus, includes free trial for Strava, Trainer Road, Sufferfest, Kinomap, and Rouvy at registration (only new registrations)

Technical details:
• Model: WFBKTR120
• Type of trainer: interactive smart trainer with direct drive
• Drivetrain: Belt drive (Gates Carbon Drive)
• Resistance: electromagnetic
• Max. power output: 2200 watts
• Max. incline: + 20 %
• Max. descent – 10 %
• Connectivity: ANT+, ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth
• Data output: speed, distance, cadence, power
• Power measurement accuracy: +/- 1 %
• Compatible with ANT+ power meters from third-party providers
• Calibration: automatic (no manual calibration necessary)
• Wireless software updates: Yes (via the Wahoo Fitness app)
• Max. user weight: 113.5 kg
• Power requirements: 100-240V~1.5A 50-60 Hz
• Weight of the flywheel: approx. 7.3 kg
• Dimensions: approx. 51 x 71 x 44 cm
• Pack size (feet closed): approx. 54 x 23 x 44 cm
• Weight: approx. 22 kg

Freewheel compatibility:
• 8/9/10-speed SHIMANO HG/SRAM
• 11-speed SHIMANO HG (road & MTB)
• 11-speed SRAM road
A SHIMANO/SRAM compatible 11-speed cassette with 11-28 teeth gearing is already installed!

Thru axle compatibility (build dimensions):
• 5 x 130 mm quick release (QR)
• 5 x 135 mm quick release (QR)
• 12 x 142 mm thru axle
• 12 x 148 mm thru axle (BOOST)

Wheel compatibility:
• 24 inch road bike
• 24 inch MTB
• 650c road bike (26″, ETRTO 571)
• 26 inch MTB
• 700c road bike (28”)
• 650b MTB (27.5″)
• 29 inch MTB

Supported devices and system requirements for the Wahoo app:
• For iPhone/iPad see: https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000968230-Wahoo-App-for-iOS-Compatibility-with-Apple-Devices
• For Android see: https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/204280464-Android-Device-and-Product-Compatibility-
• MacOS: BTLE enabled or with ANT+ dongle
• Windows PCs: BTLE enabled or with ANT+ dongle

In the box:
• 1 Wahoo Fitness KICKR V5 Smart Trainer incl. KICKR AXIS feet (medium adapter pre-installed)
• 1 KICKR AXIS feet adapter soft
• 1 KICKR AXIS feet adapter hard
• 1 SHIMANO/SRAM compatible cassette 11-speed (11-28 teeth)
• 1 AC-power adapter 220V
• 1 quick release skewer (pre-installed)
• 1 spacer 1.85 mm (for 8/9/10-speed cassettes)
• 1 spacer for disc brake calliper
• Adapter for 130 mm and 135 mm quick release (pre-installed)
• Adapter for 12 x 142 and 12 x 148 thru axle


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